A little education can go a long way in ensuring your ultimate gratification of and appreciation for wine. How you store your wine, how you serve your wine and how you drink your wine all contribute to the wines enjoyment factor. Where the grape is grown and what food is paired are also components that affect the way you appreciate the wine of your choice.

Ward on Wine is here to help you navigate through the vast wine options in order to make choices you are sure to value and to simplify the basics:

• How to deliciously pair wine with food
• How to serve wine at its utmost best
• And how the growing region influences the wine


It's All About the Food

  • How to Pair Wine

    The rules are plain and simple.

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It's All About The Enjoyment

  • How to Serve Wine

    When purchasing a bottle of wine it should be enjoyed at its best.

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It's All About the Place

  • The Vineyard

    Wine is a reflection of the place where the grapes are grown.

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