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Lindeman’s Bin 65 Chardonnay:

I may have discovered Chardonnay’s perfect pairing. Stay tuned…

I work in wine (obviously). I sell wine, demo wine, write about wine, study wine, and I still pull the occasional bartending gig. Needless to say, my hours aren’t what you would describe as “regular”. I lump multiple commitments into the same days, sometimes working a full week’s hours in 3 days. Some days, after all of the wine immersion, when I finally get home, I don’t even want to think about wine. This was not one of those days…

It was a long day of demos and pulling a few hours at the shop. I was exhausted, hungry, and in need of refreshment. I also had a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory to catch up on. I kicked off my shoes and opened my bottle of Lindeman’s Bin65 Chardonnay. Hungry, but not in the mood to cook, I scoured the kitchen for a snack. (here it is…) FORTUNE COOKIES! Crispy, sweet, vanilla, and full of wisdom. A divine combination. the Citrus, peach, and toasted oak notes married with the crunchy dessert are a match made in heaven. Take my words of wisdom, “Drink the wine. Eat the cookie. Life is short. Enjoy it.”

Here’s where you can buy fortune cookies in bulk:

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