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eggsbenedict-34To me, there is simply no better brunch than Eggs Benedict. When I see it on a menu I have to order it, I try to order something else, I try to make the words Quiche or French Toast leave my mouth. But I hear myself saying, “Eggs Benedict” to the server. So no wonder there is a day devoted solely to this delicious dish. The rich, creamy, tangy, Hollandaise sauce, the salty, smokey Canadian bacon, the perfectly poached egg and the deliciously toasted English muffin. What could be better? Wine to go with it of course! What comes to mind? Fume Blanc, a lightly oaked sauvignon blanc, a style invented by Robert Mondavi who was a visionary of winemakers in his time. High acid, fruity, grassy and lightly creamy from the oak aging, Robert Mondavi Fume Blanc would be a perfect match with Eggs Benedict. So order up and raise your glass. ┬áCheers!

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