Located southwest of Montalcino, Tenuta Luce della Vite comprises 192 hectares, with 77 dedicated to vines. Some of the vineyards date back to 1977, but the majority were planted at the beginning of 1997, at an average density of 6,100 vines per hectare.

Lying at elevations ranging from 350 to 420 metres, the Luce della Vita estate is one of the highest in Montalcino. The higher sections of the estate display galestro-rich, well-drained soils with little organic matter, ideal conditions for growing Sangiovese, while in the lower areas the soil exhibits more clay and sand, in which Merlot flourishes. The long, dry, sun-filled summers characteristic of this area, plus the vineyards’ south-facing exposure,guarantee the grapes a gradual and consistent ripening, which in turn yields wines of superb concentration and vigour.

Vineyard management practices follow the canons of sustainable agriculture, which favours organic practices that ensure the vine’s health and balance.

Vine yield, averaging 30 hectolitres of wine per hectare, is deliberately kept very low in order to produce a wine that will express all the qualities of its grape variety and its terroir. Cluster and leaf-thinning are normal practices. Merlot and Sangiovese come to complete ripeness three or four weeks apart, between mid-September and early October, so they are harvested separately, parcel by parcel, then manually inspected as they arrive at the cellar and are vinified individually. Only after the fermentations conclude, towards the end of November, are the lots blended together.

Wines at Luce della Vita

Wine Name:


Luce della Vita
Italy, Tuscany, Montalcino
Tasting Notes:
Chocolate, Espresso, Black Fruit, Plum, Red Fruits, Cedar
Food Pairing:
Dessert, Chocolate, Beef, Lamb, Smoked Meat, Cheese (Bold)
Enjoyment Factor:
Slightly chilled (60-65 degrees)
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