Darioush Signature Sauvignon Blanc


A sleek and delineated wine, expressive of the hillside vineyard where it is grown. Moderate conditions allowed the Sauvignon Blanc vines to benefit from gradual, even ripening over the month long harvest period from early September to mid October.

Vibrant aromas of kiwi, grapefruit and honeysuckle abound, while on the palate a delicate mineral tinge and the crisp tartness of Gravenstein apple are paired with the textural nuance of lemon custard. A delightfully refreshing finish is accented by notes of lime, sweet pea and vanilla.

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Darioush Winery
Grape Variety:
Sauvignon Blanc
California, Napa Valley
Tasting Notes:
Vanilla, Apple, Grapefruit, Kiwi, Lemon Zest, Lime, Honeysuckle, Refreshing
Food Pairing:
Salad, Cream Sauce, Pasta White Sauce, Seafood
Enjoyment Factor:
Chilled to 45 degrees
Our Rating:

Winery Information

Darioush, Silverado Trail, Napa, CA, United States