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easter-183Ham; the salty, cured, smoked, slightly sweet Easter tradition. Ham is to Easter, what turkey is to Thanksgiving.  Served with all the incredible side dishes it’s the headliner in a wonderful meal shared with friends and family.  What’s missing from this picture? The wine of course.

Let’s begin with the wines that do not go with ham: Big bold Cabernet Sauvignons and Cab blends.  Their tannins are too heavy.  They’re too spicy, way too big.  Pinot Grigio? Too light.  How would a local wine match up?  Why not try a wine made right here in your own back yard.  Local fair like meats, produce and cheeses, and yes wines, are very popular and can be of artisan quality.  Bonus:  you are supporting small businesses.

Syncopation Rhythmic Blend is the answer.  It was made to showcase Missouri grapes that grow so well in Augusta. The base is a red grape, Chambourcin, but we blended in the white grapes Vidal Blanc, Seyval Blanc and Traminette to make a wonderful and unusual wine. Syncopation was made with the intention of balancing the wine’s acid with its mild tannins, there is a slight hint of sweetness on the finish. The combination of these characteristics make it a perfect match for your salty, smoky Easter ham.  Syncopation also matches with your potato casserole, vegetables and the buttery rolls.

Syncopation Rhythmic Blend was made to share with family and friends, with food and frivolity. It’s a wine made for your meal. Cheers!