Le Grand Courtage Sparkling Wine


Undertones of Granny Smith apples, honeysuckle, strawberry & toasted brioche.

This French sparkling wine creates the perfect balance of fruit, acidity & sweetness. Lingers nicely with a bit of Meyer lemon, honeydew & a continuing apple finish. Great length, crisp and refreshing finish.

We produce in Burgundy in Nuits St Georges and source from top regions throughout France in order to great the perfect cuvee and a wine wine which is crisp, light and refreshing with delicate bubbles and a nice hint of fruit on the finish to balance the dryness, yeast and acidity.


A versatile accompaniment that is very cuisine-friendly. Try it with savory hors d’oeuvres, popcorn, creamy pastas, spicy dishes, seafood, fruit based desserts or semi-soft cheese.

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Grape Variety:
Chardonnay, Colombard, Ugni Blanc
Non Vintage
France, Burgundy, Languedoc, Loire
Tasting Notes:
Acidity, Refreshing, Fruity, Apple, Strawberry, Brioche, Crisp, Honeysuckle
Food Pairing:
Aperitif, Asian, Dessert, Chicken, Cream Sauce, Pasta White Sauce, Seafood, Soft Cheese
Enjoyment Factor:
Chilled to 45 degrees
Our Rating: