Aquinas Unoaked Chardonnay


Our 2012 Aquinas Unoaked Chardonnay opens with bright aromas of lemon custard, supported by brioche, graham cracker crust and hints of white peach. By using stainless-steel tanks for fermentation, our winemaker Gloria Mercado-Martín was able to preserve the wonderful fresh fruit avors. When sipped, you are reminded of a fresh baked apple-lemon tart, as well as avors of lime zest and buttery croissants. The palate is marked with minerality, adding to the complexity of the wine and complementing the excellent, long nish. This refreshing, medium-bodied wine shows crisp, food-friendly acidity. Pair with pan roasted bay scallops, zucchini salad with Tallegio or lemon baked chicken.

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Grape Variety:
Napa Valley
Tasting Notes:
Mineral Notes, Apple, Lime, Buttery Croissant, Medium Bodied
Food Pairing:
Chicken, Scallops, Zucchini Salad
Enjoyment Factor:
Chilled to 45 degrees
Our Rating:

Vineyard Information

Napa Valley, Napa County, CA, United States