Cristom Eileen Vineyard Pinot Noir


Eileen Vineyard tends to produce a wine that is the most precocious of our four estate vineyards and it’s often the first wine we release into the market. It is always the wine we show first in a line-up of Cristom Pinot Noir. We often find them softer, meaning rounder on the palate with less minerality. Typically, Eileen is textured, layered and creamy on the palate and often recognizable by its bouquet of sweet spices.

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Cristom Vineyards
Grape Variety:
Pinot Noir
Oregon, Willamette Valley
Tasting Notes:
Creamy, Layered Texture, Soft and Luscious, Sweet Spice
Food Pairing:
Asian, Vegetables, Cheese (Light), Salmon, Smoked Meat
Enjoyment Factor:
Slightly chilled (60-65 degrees)
Our Rating:

Winery Information

Cristom Vineyards, Spring Valley Road Northwest, Salem, OR, United States