Fritz Zimmer Maestro Riesling Qba


We had an exceptional warm spring which was the reason for the earliest budding and grape bloom since notations of these dates! The consequence was a margin of vegetation of about 3 weeks. The summer was marked by rainy and constantly changing weather. Terrible hail on August 26th was again a reason for skepticism and let us assume the worst. After all the great damage in the villages, the damage in the vineyards was comparatively low. After that, we had a beautiful late summer. At the end and apart from the hail, everything was perfect: an early budding and bloom and rain always at the right time! So we started harvest at the end of September. We had 4 weeks without any rain and this gave us some time to preharvest all of our Riesling vineyards and sort out the raisins from the bunches and the good from the best grapes. This was very time consuming in the 70% steep sloped parcels. Now the harvest is history and we have all quality levels, from Kabinett up to Trockenbeerenauslese. The wines were bottled at the beginning of May and show great promise.

This wine is made from grapes grown in the Rhine region of Germany. It is slightly sweet with aromas and flavors of peaches and pears.


The fruity flavors are a perfect match with firmer cheeses, pastas with cream sauce, lighter seafood dishes and cuisine with Asian spices.

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Grape Variety:
Germany, Rheinhessen
Tasting Notes:
Floral, Fruity, Peach, Pear, Slightly Sweet
Food Pairing:
Asian, Pasta, Cream Sauce, Hard Cheeses, Seafood
Enjoyment Factor:
Chilled to 45 degrees
Our Rating: