Silverado Geo Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2012 vintage was pure joy. The growing season was moderate with spring and summer being warm, but not challenged with heat spikes. The vines looked full and balanced which fooled most growers and winemakers. As soon as we started to pick, we realized this was going to be a monumentally large harvest. With the continuing moderate weather, we let the fruit mature at an even pace. The fruit was not overripe, but entirely mature: skins, seeds and pulp. This resulted in a wine that is dark in color, round and powerful. It has bright berry and herb aromas, dense mid palette with good structure and a long finish that encapsulates the essence of barrel and delicious blue and red fruit.


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Silverado Vineyards
Grape Variety:
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon
California, Napa Valley
Tasting Notes:
Blueberries, Red Fruits, Layered Texture
Food Pairing:
Chocolate, Grilled Meat, Pork
Enjoyment Factor:
Slightly chilled (60-65 degrees)
Our Rating:

Winery Information

Silverado Vineyards, Silverado Trail, Napa, CA, United States

Vineyard Information

Napa Valley, Napa County, CA, United States