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Pinot Noir | Oregon

Mom’s Log: Saturday, September 10th 2016. Epic 6 Sports Arena. Son’s 10th birthday party. Rock climbing, laser tag, American Ninja Warrior Course, arcade, pizza, cupcakes, sticky floors, 4th graders, no parents, and a nervous teen in the 2nd week of her first job as a party host.

I can’t begin to describe how elated I was to get to open this little gem of a Pinot Noir. As the bottle describes, ELOUAN means “good light”. Indeed… like the light at the end of a tunnel!

Elouan and I accepted an invitation to a BBQ later the same day. I think this bottle would’ve paired well with anything at this point, but some beautifully smoked meats and salty chips were dancing with my “Perfect Patio Pinot” (there may have been some dancing later). There was a chill in the air when the sun went down and that red, at a perfect temperature just sitting on the table, warmed me from the inside.

Dark berries, vibrant and acidic, and a hint of earth.

Final thought: Throw on a hoodie, start a fire, turn on some football, and sip away your stresses with “Good Light”.

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