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Tuesdays Unscrewed

The perfect Tuesday night wine isn’t expensive, it has to go with a quick easy meal, or leftovers, and it has to taste amazing, because it’s Tuesday night and you shouldn’t compromise…

Mettler Family Vineyards, Petite Sirah | Lodi, California

Petite Sirah is an interesting grape variety. It’s known by this name only in the U.S. In France it’s MET_pet_sirah_13_bottlecalled Durif, named for a French botanist who discovered it. The grape has a wonderful and vibrant color, it’s a dark inky purple color with a lot of depth.  Mettler is one of the best producers of Petite Sirah in the Lodi region. It’s a family run winery that also uses sustainable viticulture for its vineyards. This Petite Sirah is bold with dark fruit characteristics, a spicy finish and plenty of big, rich tannins. This is a perfect wine for grilling, it’s very versatile and will match almost anything you have on the grill, especially if the sauce has some spice to it. It will pair with Beef, pork or burgers and will enhance the flavors of the food. It could use some aeration, so open the wine while you’re cooking, pour it into a glass so it will get some air contact and it will be ready when dinner is taken off the grill. Cheers!