Leviathan Red Wine


“Blending is one of the most enjoyable and most creative parts of the winemaking process. In producing our Favia wines, which are very small production wines from highly coveted sites, we always end up with many blending components of all different varieties. Fitting these together like a puzzle creates Leviathan. It allows us to push the envelope, try new things, and have an outlet to give people something unique and, frankly, pretty damn delicious.” – Andy Erickson, Winemaker

Leviathan is a rich, full wine with vibrant texture. Its complex flavors are derived from a unique blend which highlights the best of California – carefully fine-tuned each vintage to create a bold, rich, enticing wine. Though this uniquely blended wine is worthy of cellaring, it is intended to be consumed in its youth, showcasing its bright, fruit-driven character.

The 2013 Leviathan captures the spirit of California and is a true expression of the vintage. In 2013 a warm, dry spring gave way to early budbreak, balanced canopies and small berries. Aromatics of cigar box, brambly fruit and cacao jump from the glass. The palate gives way to an even-keeled expression of cherries, violets, umeboshi, savory tannins and licorice. In no time, you will be reaching for more hand over fist!

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Grape Variety:
Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah/Shiraz
Tasting Notes:
Floral, Violets, Fruity, Cherry, Savory Tannins, Cocoa, Full Bodied, Licorice
Food Pairing:
Burgers, Lamb, Steak
Enjoyment Factor:
Slightly chilled (60-65 degrees)
Our Rating: