Monchhof Estate Riesling


For those who enjoy food on the spicier side, this is the wine for you. This wine is a wonderfully made Mosel Riesling from estate grown fruit. A vineyard called Wurzgarten or “spice garden” is where these grapes are grown, and it’s reflected in the spiciness of the wine. Having some sushi tonight? Open a wine that will match the spice of the wasabi with balanced acid, a hint of sweetness and a lot of fruit.

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Grape Variety:
Tasting Notes:
Honey, Slightly Sweet, Citrus Notes, Orange Peel, Stone Fruit, Tropical Fruit, High Acid
Food Pairing:
Asian, Fish, Sushi, Cheese (Bold)
Enjoyment Factor:
Lightly chilled (50-55 degrees)
Our Rating:

Retail Locations

3828 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO, United States