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diversionTuesdays Unscrewed

The perfect Tuesday night wine isn’t expensive, it has to go with a quick easy meal, or leftovers, and it has to taste amazing, because it’s Tuesday night and you shouldn’t compromise…

Diversion Majestic Red, Columbia Valley, Washington

We all need a diversion from time to time. Today’s featured wine is just that, a nice blend of Malbec, Syrah and Petit Verdot from Washington State. Diversion is a family owned winery, they make balanced and approachable wines with grapes that grow well in Washington’s Columbia Valley. Blends are a hot category in wine today, especially grapes that compliment each other in their fruity and spicy characteristics. The winemakers can put their signature on the wine by constructing a blend that reflects the region, the vintage and the winemakers style of wine. The Diversion Majestic Red will entice you with rich and silky tannins, bold spices and plenty of red fruit notes. If you’re grilling some beef or pork, or having burgers tonight this will be a great match. Decant this wine while you’re cooking and it will make for a great diversion to your Tuesday night! Cheers!