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It’s mid-Winter…cold and grey, windy and dark. The holidays are over and the Spring thaw is not yet in sight. Boredom begins to set in. You’ve systematically binge-watched your way through all your Netflix picks and Red Box movies, going out into the blustery elements is too much to bear and your failed New Year’s resolutions have you on the verge of a deep depression. This is the perfect time of year to stay indoors and spend some time with friends and family. A perfect time for Game Night!

Whether your group is comprised of avid Pictionary fans or they prefer a howling evening of Cards Against Humanity, a bottle of wine is a great companion…here are a few ideas from Ward on Wine!

Milles Bornes, the classic Road Race card game from France ~ Milestone Red Blend



UNO, modeled after the card game of crazy eights ~ Campo Viejo Reserva Tempranillo



Scrabble, the crossword game of skill and chance ~ Spellbound  Chardonnay

Trivia Pursuit, the original trivia game of pop culture and general knowledge ~ Educated Guess Cabernet

Risk, therisk strategy board game of world domination ~ Federalist Dueling Pistols


Cranium, the side splitting game requiring a variety of skills ~ Plungerhead Old Vine Zin


Battleship, dating back to World War I, beat your opponent by destroying his fleet of ships ~ Thorn-Clarke Shotfire Quartage

Clue, your classic murder mystery game ~ Big House Usual Suspects

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