Benton Lane Estate Pinot Noir


The early spring and warm growing season allowed early flavor development. This wine bursts with black cherry, cola, cranberry and a subtle floral nature akin to rose petals. The rains brought the overly extractive fruit notes and alcohol back into balance. The resulting wine is seductively drinkable. There is a unique chocolate flavor in the wine that we don’t normally see. This wine is what we think Oregon Pinot Noir should aspire to: well sculpted, sexy, spicy and a joy to drink.





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Grape Variety:
Pinot Noir
Oregon, Willamette Valley
Tasting Notes:
Cherry, Red Fruits, Strawberry, Dried Spices, Medium Alcohol, Medium Bodied
Food Pairing:
Vegetables, Chicken, Lamb, Pork, Pasta Red Sauce
Enjoyment Factor:
Slightly chilled (60-65 degrees)
Our Rating:

Retail Locations

3828 South Lindbergh Boulevard, Saint Louis, MO, United States

Vineyard Information

Willamette Valley, OR, United States