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blindtasting-355 Another sell out crowd gathered at The Wine Barrel in Sunset Hills, Mo for the second installment of the Ward on Wine Fall Series Classes.  This time for a Blind Tasting Class.

Attendees were challenged to determine the flavor profile and aromas of each wine.  The group also used sugar, acid, alcohol and finish to attempt to identify each wine.  Is the wine Old World or New World?  Dry?  Sweet?  What Grape?  What region?  To make it even a bit more challenging, several of the wines were served in black glasses so even the color of the wine was masked.

Before the evening came to an end many in the class were blind tasting like professionals!

The wines featured in this class were:blindtasting-107

  • Emmolo Sauvignon Blanc
  • Urban Riesling
  • Hahn Chardonnay
  • Jacob’s Creek Reserve Shiraz
  • Castiglioni Chianti
  • Freemark Abbey Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Argyle Pinot Noir



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